Our Team

Meet the teaching staff at Cockburn Haigh Road Academy 

Leadership Team

Jacqueline Padgett Headteacher - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Premium Champion, PSHE, RSE, Music and ICT Subject Lead

Early Years
Jodie Fawcett - Assistant Headteacher, Nursery Teacher, SENCo, PE Lead
Laura Wood - Nursery Teacher, Art & DT Coordinator
Holly Carr - Reception Class teacher, Science Coordinator
Mandy Hall - Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant
Key Stage One
Rosie Pratt - Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Key Stage One Teacher, Maths Lead, Data Lead
Emily Whelpton, Key Stage One Teacher, History & Geography Coordinator
Karolina Jones - Key Stage One Teacher with TLR, English Lead
Mark Newsome - Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant
Annie Bradbury - Intervention Teacher/casual Teacher

Meet the support staff at Cockburn Haigh Road Academy

Early Years
Mandy Hall - Teaching Assistant based in Nursery
Paige Callaghan - SEND Support Assistant based in Nursery (mornings)
Hayley Buckley - Teaching Assistant based in Reception
Key Stage One
Helen Turpin - Safeguarding Officer/Teaching Assistant based in Key Stage One
Karina Eaglen - Teaching Assistant based in Key Stage One
Jenni Harrison - Teaching Assistant Key Stage One
Alyssa Morley - Teaching Assistant supporting across school
Michelle Osman - casual Teaching Assistant
Adele Aldis - casual Teaching assistant


Non class Based Staff
Mrs Turpin - Child and Family Practitioner (afternoons)
Anthula Glover - Senior Administrator
Mackaler Walmsley - Safeguarding Officer, Administrator
Adele Aldis - Lunchtime Assistant - KS1
Sara Jones - Lunchtime Assistant - KS1
Alyssa Morley - Lunchtime Assistant - EYFS/KS1
Michelle Osman - Lunchtime Assistant - KS1
Tina Walker - Lunchtime Assistant - KS1
Paige Callaghan - Lunchtime Assistant - EYFS

Sarah White - Lunchtime Assistant - EYFS

Jason Padgett - School Caretaker
Rachel Cable - Cleaner

Meet the staff from Wraparound Provision at Cockburn Haigh Road Academy

Breakfast Club
Mandy Hall - EYFS
Karina Eaglen - Key Stage One
After School Club
Helen Turpin -  Lead/Safeguarding Officer
Mandy Hall - EYFS
Mackaler Walmsley
Mark Newsome
Alyssa Morley